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  • » Project Executives
  • » Managers
  • » Marketing Professional
  • » Compliance Managers
  • » Business Executives
  • » Marketing and Sales team
  • » Technical Teams


  • » Engineering and Construction
  • » Economics and Finance
  • » Information Technology
  • » Compliance Managers
  • » Healthcare
  • » Government and Public Sector

Our Mode Of Training

  • » Online Training
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  • » Classroom Training
  • » Custom company Training
  • » Individual Training
  • » Team Training

As technology disrupts the enterprise environment, it offers leading organizations leverage in analyzing their employee data giving then better insight in developing target training and development programs. These organizations are maximizing productivity, retainage and better engagement from their talent pool.

Danquah Group provides training in management, marketing, technology and leadership in multiple industries to help organizations maximize their investments in human capital.

Executive and Management training, based on industry trend, to help you and your organization plan and execute your strategic initiatives.

Technical training, based on market reserach, to keep your workforce, efficient, productive and happy.

Technology and software training to help your workfoce become more efficient with their technology tools and softwares.

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