A complete business cloud  simplifies your business operations ,and gives you better intelligence  to run and grow your business. For  years, Oracle has powered large enterprises giving  them  technological leverage against the competition.  Today, with the the introduction of business cloud, organizations of all sizes, including small and midsize ,can run their entire business or choose which business applications to run on the Oracle cloud.

Run your business application on the Oracle cloud  to simplify your business operations, save on infrastructure costs and delver more anytime, anywhere. At Danquah Group, we will work with you to assess your oracle cloud options and help you maximizes on your IT Investment.

Our Oracle Offering

Human Capital Management

Become more efficient and effective with a complete solution to consolidate all your HR functions and processes-from Core HR, talent acquisition and management, workforce management, all on one platform.


Capture and retain leads, manage campaigns and build awareness, align sales with marketing, on the most trusted marketing cloud. The Oracle marketing cloud, gives you  one place to manage  all  your  marketing needs to  grow your business.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Increase productivity, lower operational cost and improve operational and functional  controls  including accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations on  the Oracle Enterprise Management Cloud ERP.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Build and deploy your database application on Oracle’s intelligent cloud-based platform that automatically prevents, detects, and respond to performance issues and threats.

Oracle Hardware and Software

Build, upgrade and secure your on-premise infrastructure  with  reliable  hardware and software from Oracle including engineered systems, storage solutions, enterprise servers and software.

Cloud calling you can trust.

Deploy as cloud-only, or as part of a mixed network of cloud and on-premises PBXs, depending on your business requirements.

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