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Grow your business with better strategic initiatives,
understand your customers and market,  and deliver
better performances  and better outcomes.

To successfully deliver your strategic initiatives, you must rely on best practices, benchmarks, market intelligence, and find ways to motivate and retain top talents. You must also develop better strategic initiatives , get better insights into your customers and markets  to deliver better performances and better outcome

At Danquah Group, we  will  work with you and your organization to develop SMART objectives, implement cost effective strategies, and leverage innovative technologies and platforms,  to grow your business.

Whatever your business objectives are, Talk to us, and we will work with you.

Innovate In The Cloud

For small and Midsize companies, the cloud offers opportunities to lower
your infrastructure costs  and innovative ways to grow your business

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Our Capabilities

Strategic Management

Get clarity and direction in all your business functional areas- sales, marketing, operations, HR, and Finance  with strategic management and planning.   Strategic management  and planning is critical to organizational success.

At Danquah Group, We will work with you and your organization to define and implement your  strategic objectives. We will provide you with the  research and market analysis to help shape and guide  your objectives, and  gain competitive advantage

Project Management Consulting

Today, many organizations are delivering their strategic objectives using  project management best practices. From construction to healthcare, organizations are achieving success by establish process, procedures and aligning project objectives with organizational goals

At Danquah Group, we provide the management and technical expertise to guide our clients through the challenges and risk in project management. We provide support in cost management, planning and scheduling, risk management and  project controls.

Marketing and Sales

Today digital economy and business environment creates opportunities for  organizations like yours to grow, and scale using digital technology, marketing and data analytics. Get to know your customer better, excite and retain them for life.

Our digital marketing offerings provide marketing strategies  and consulting services to entrepreneurs, marketers and industry leaders to take advantage of modern technology platforms to establish industry position, increase revenue and grow their business.  We cover issues ranging from content marketing to digital advertising, analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Public Sector Consulting

Government role in nation building is critical in ensuring there are adequate infrastructure to support the needs of individuals and business. Increasing population, and global uncertainties are posing challenges and risk to governments and public institutions.

At Danquah Group, we examine these challenges and risk through research and data analysis and provide government and public institutions  solutions to improve policy formulation, implementation  and project delivery.