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We provide consulting, research and technology solutions to support organizations in  delivering their strategic initiatives. Be part of the team and embrace the challenges  of the new business transformation

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We are always excited to work with diverse groups of talents  committed to driving success in businesses and in governments.  Today’s business transformation offers growth opportunities  and challenges to many organizations.  Join us and together, let us help  organizations deliver their strategic initiatives.

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Health and Welfare

We offer healthcare benefits to full-time employees so you can concentrate on your work. Our healthcare include medical, vision and dental

Paid Time-off

We offer full-time and some part-time employees paid vacation .  Employee can  accrue  up to 10 to 15  working days  and  5 days of sick leave with full-time pay.

Grow With Us

Get management and technical training, deepen your  your expertise and competencies. Attend leadership training, conferences and workshops.

Professional Certification

We encourage and reimburse you for your professional certification in your area of expertise and job functions critical to our mission and vision.