Organizations looking to advance their strategic initiatives must manage their human capital, rely on actionable insights and utilize modern technology to deliver more with less.

About us

We are a professional service firm providing consulting, technology solutions and research to help organizations deliver their strategic objectives.   We began Danquah Group to offer management consulting and advisory service to businesses and governments . Over the past four years, we’ve developed our  services to include technology solutions, leadership development, technical and management training while staying with our core service in project delivery.

Today, we combine our established methodologies with a forward-thinking approach to produce solutions that help clients navigate the complex challenges and risks associated with their businesses. We help our clients to deliver better results and better performances.

Our team of experts rely on their in-depth market knowledge and employ tools, analysis and techniques that empower clients to outperform their competitors.

Thanks to our ongoing partnerships with leading IT firms, we are able to offer strategic solutions in management, technology and cloud services to clients across many industries including construction, transportation, infrastructure, energy, power, healthcare, banking and finance and public-sector markets.

Whether you are a government wanting to assess the economic impact of policy formulation or an enterprise in need of IT assistance, our consultants and advisors will lead you to unparalleled success.

Our Mission

At Danquah Group, we lead with integrity. We rely on proven management techniques, industry best practices  and  advanced technologies to help our clients develop and implement  their strategic objectives and goals. We remain committed to driving success in business and in government.