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To Deliver Your Strategic



We provide industry research, training and advisory services to help you deliver your strategic initiatives.

Danquah Group research services focuses on helping organizations find new and better ways, processes , tools, technology and techniques to deliver their critical initiatives.

Danquah Group provides training in management, marketing, technology and leadership in multiple industries to help organizations maximize their investments in human capital.

At Danquah group, our advisory and consulting services help organizations address competency gaps, manage programs, and find new ways of delivering better performances and better results.

Sample Project- California high Speed Rail


The California High Speed Rail is one of the biggest public investments in California. When completed, the program will create a high-speed train linking Northern and Southern California

We are proud to be providing cost consulting services as part of our project delivery program.

Danquah Group and its consultants have provided cost consulting and management on numerous transit programs throughout the United States. Our transit  program include estimating scheduling,  reviewing grantees cost proposals for Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funded programs.


As technology disrupts the enterprise environment, it offers leading organizations leverage in analyzing their employees data, giving then better insights in developing targeted training and development programs. These organizations are maximizing productivity, retainage and better engagement from their talent pool. 

Today’s digital transformation presents opportunities for firms of all sizes, especially small business. But there is too much noise and buzz, and haphazard implementation of digital marketing plans, costing enterprises money while delivering sub-par results. How can you and your organization take advantage of the landscape to increase revenue?

Only 56% of projects were delivered within their initial budget, according to recent survey by the Project Management Institute (PMI). But high performing organizations are transforming their project management practices with success, What can you and your organization learn from these organizations?